We will all be failures in 2019

This morning, the last day of 2018, the crescent moon, Venus, and Jupiter stood out in a mostly clear sky, and were then followed with a pastel sky before the sun rose. We are reminded that we enjoy the wonders of creation regardless of who were are and what we have done. Chad Bird in […]

Christmas Eve notes

A few thoughts… Why celebrate on the 25th of December? Because we’re too busy at other times of the year? It relieves the short-day depression many of us get in winter? Or perhaps it is tied to a superstition from the early centuries following Christ’s birth that a man dies on the same day of […]

we’re back!

After several years of inactivity, we’re back. The year of clouds was a fun exercise. However, it was mostly motivated by my day job, managing a set of WordPress sites for Washington State University. Well, that ended with my retirement over two years ago, and what a fun two years that’s been. No computer responsibilities. […]